Daily Routine

Quit doing other people's work, start your day in Notion

You don’t use Notion like you want to, huh? Is Notion your hub? Or just another tool you need to keep up to date?

When you first start working in the morning you probably open Slack and your email, and those are great if your goal is to do someone else’s work.

If you want to do your own work, consider opening Notion and begining your day there. A thoughtful 5-15 minutes time at the begining of your day reviewing tasks and prepping for meetings can make all the difference.

Today, I’m giving you a killer way to keep track of every single day in Notion. I’m giving away for free the Daily Routine

Daily Routine by Notion Guide

One of the best ways to use this simple page is as a database template that repeats each weekday.

Setting up a repeating Notion Database Template

Every morning at 8am EST, this will add the Daily Routine template to a notes database in Notion. You can create a filtered view of all notes that have the title “Daily Ritual” sorted by created date to easily view your past days.

You’ll never have to wonder “what did I get done yesterday”, or feel like you left work at the end of the day without accomplishing anything substantial.

Sound like a bit too much setup? Want personalized help getting this in place? You should checkout The System, an all in one Notion Work Management experience which includes this template and much much more. It also includes a personalized 30 minute Notion review!

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