Notion’s Summer of Love ☀️🏝️

I’m struggling to keep up with all the new features, how about you?

What a crazy couple weeks. You’ve heard of hot girl summer, right? We’ve got hot feature summer going on right now, and it is HEATING UP!

When I first started using Notion in 2016, my favorite thing about it was how often they pushed updates. It seemed that every couple of days they would release a new block type or drop something crazy like the first version of databases (anyone else remember using columns and to-do blocks to build a kanban board?).

Fast forward a few years, I started to lament that Notion had gone the way of all the other enterprise orgs and now shipped slower than ever. I even drafted up a blog post on why larger companies with 8 dev teams ship slower than startups with 2 devs and a product guy who knows how to git push.

Well, I guess I’m walking back in that statement? Notion’s Founder dropped this tweet a couple weeks ago

Since then, we’ve seen:

Six features in 2 weeks. And they aren’t done yet! What do you think is coming next? Reply and let me know!


p.s. I am working on some new templates! What do you want to see? What are you struggling with in Notion? Let me know!